Interested in Using Air Force ROTC to Help Pay For College?

AFROTC offers a variety of scholarships. There are multiple ways to earn them, depending on your current status. See below for the path that applies to you.

For High School Students

High school seniors apply for this scholarship on their own through the AFROTC website. Application timelines vary every year. If interested in an AFROTC scholarship, start you application in the early Fall of your Senior year. There are full and partial scholarships offered under this option.

For College Students

AFROTC Scholarships are awarded for the final two years of our program to non-scholarship cadets returning from Field Training. Scholarships are also awarded to deserving Freshman or Sophomore cadets based on merit, class performance, GPA, physical fitness test scores and other factors.

For Enlisted Airmen

There are several programs, such as SOAR and ASCP, through which enlisted members can earn a commission through Air Force ROTC.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships range in coverage, duration, and benefits. Find the most up-to-date information on the AFROTC website.