Cadet Life
What else do we do?

At Detachment 730, ROTC is about more than just AS class, LLAB, and physical training. We participate in community service, volunteer at honor guard events, hold morale building activities, and more. Check out some of the ways we spend time together and help enrich the community.

Community Service

Every semester cadets volunteer in various community service projects. One of the largest events we participate in is Pitt Make a Difference Day where the whole campus comes together to help the community.

Color Guard

Throughout the year, cadets volunteer and participate in various events honoring our nation’s traditions and values, such as naturalization ceremonies, vigils, and the presentation of our nation’s colors.

Dining In

Each fall, the entire cadet wing takes part in an annual Dining In, an evening of boisterous competition, food, and esprit de corps.

March On

In the fall, cadets have the opportunity to march on the field in Heinz Stadium before a Pitt football game. All of the ROTC detachments in Pittsburgh—Air Force, Army, and Navy—participate in the joint service event.

Dining Out

Every spring we hold a formal Dining Out, a military tradition, where cadets' families come and hear about what was accomplished that academic year and celebrate the commissioning seniors.

Morale Events

Throughout the year, cadets will often take a few hours out of their busy schedules to spend time having fun participating in activities such as paintball, intramural sports, movie nights, and potluck dinners.

Base Visits

In order to get real life experience with the active duty Air Force, cadets have the opportunity to spend time visiting Air Force bases and interacting with Airmen.

Air Force Traditions

Cadets get to experience many of the traditions that are practiced on active duty, such as Change of Command Ceremonies, Promotion Ceremonies, First Fridays, and celebrating the Air Force Birthday.