AFROTC has many benefits for cadets enrolled in the program.

  • Scholarships can be worth up to full tuition and fees depending on the type awarded.
  • Air Force ROTC textbooks and uniforms provided
  • $300-$500 nontaxable monthly stipend during the academic year while on scholarship or in the POC
  • Opportunity to delay entering active duty to pursue graduate degree
  • Visits to Air Force bases
  • Challenging job guaranteed after graduation

Upon graduation and successful completion of Air Force ROTC, you will receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. You will have a mandatory commitment of four years if a line officer, six years if you are selected to be a Combat Systems Officer or Air Battle Manager, and ten years if you are selected to be a pilot. During your time in the Air Force, you will receive all of the following benefits:


- Highly competitive salary and benefits package.
- For a complete description of the military pay benefits click here.

Vacation: 30 days with pay each year
Medical Care: Provided at no cost
Social Life: Swimming pools, bowling, golfing, and tennis at reduced rates
Education: Opportunity for higher education with tuition aid
Retirement: Retirment pension based on grade at retirement and years of service
Advancement: Promotions based on initial appointment, grade, and experience
Travel: Free space available travel on military aircraft